Just imagine

Imagine living your dreams in one of the most beautiful cities in the world; surfing in the world renowned surf hub of Essaouira. Surf on the famous waves of the Atlantic coast, immersed in the nicest spots within the country while enjoying the authentic Moroccan way of life; delicious and healthy local food, gnawa music, and a warm and friendly atmosphere, all while staying in a traditional riad. You can be anywhere from a beginner to a professional surfer, depending on your previous experience, our team will do everything to accommodate your skill sets and make your trip unforgettable. Come join us !

Surfing in Essaouira is perfect for intermediate and beginner levels because of the smaller and less aggressive waves ! Surfing in Essaouira doesn’t require you to know how to swim due to the waves being close to the shore and easy to catch at hip-depth!

When surfing with us in Essaouira, whether it be from one day to one week, we will arrange a trip which best suits your wishes. Explore our selection of packages here.

Why chose us ?

We will organize a professional team just for you. It can be your first waves or your thousandth; our team will provide you with a genuine Moroccan experience surfing the waves of the Moroccan coast while discovering the wonderful old medina of Essaouira. Your trip will be complete with equipment, transportation, and accomodation in a traditional Surf and Lounge riad to make unforgettable memories in a cheerful atmosphere. Look at our lessons programs here

Interested in transforming your surf aspirations into reality? Let your creativity flow and mold your own adventure with complete freedom while we guide you through your wishes, ideas, and budget. For more information, contact us for a handmade surf trip.

Are you looking for an extraordinary adventure? Explore the antic port of Mogador to Salvador de Bahia with us and tune into your Brazilian rhythm learning capoeira with our professional team. Click here for more details.

Looking for a grounding experience after a day of riding the clear waves? Rejuvenate your strength and increase your focus, health, and mental well-being with a daily restorative yoga class for all levels of yogis and yoginis! Feel grounded with the sand, the coast, and yourself. Learn more about our Aum package here.